God out of Time

One of the most systematic challenges to the very nature of God is the view of evolution without God.

In Genesis 1, we read the claim that God (the three in one) created the earth and all that is in it. In Genesis 2, the fundamental nature of their creative agency to make things happen is further asserted and reaffirmed.

In this creative agency story is the story of human agency.

All this agency evolution undermines. It neglects the fundamental truth of intelligent actors working with their powers to be agents of change.

Views of grand evolutionary change as the explanation of life on earth not only challenges the fundamental agency of God but also of humans, their parenting, their leadership and their innovation.

God is not on the same time frame or mechanism of evolution. Neither is the image He made in humans.

In scripture we see God’s afront to other God’s that are not Gods from Exodus to Mt. Carmel.

It is this agency–not only the details of creation–that is the fundamental worldview that sets us at war with evolutionist.

The challenge from God is creatively delivered, and one thought has become especially humorous to me.

Evolution has claimed the need for lots of time.

God is out of time with that view.

We see a subtle progression with God’s creative intervention that seems to make fun of evolution.

Evolution likes a fast start but a slow growth.

God seems to like a more creative way.

He took a week to create.

He took a day to redeem.

He will take an hour to judge (the hour of his judgment has come, Revelation)

He will take a moment to reboot.

That is agency.

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