#2- Desire of Ages/Messiah

The second most influential book in my life has been Ellen G. White’s (1827-1915) Desire of Ages and Jerry D. Thomas’ amazing paraphrase of that book, Messiah. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BOTH. Thomas has done a masterful job paraphrasing White’s classic. He is sorely missed since his untimely death March 15, 2019. His crisp writing was the envy of many of us would-be Adventist writers.

These books have shaped my deep worship of Christ. Understanding his amazing birth, life, ministry, teachings, sayings, trail, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension has given me an anchor for my spiritual development. When I am too legalistic I hear the soft rebuke White reminds us Jesus gave to John, James and Judas. It helps me lighten-up on the nastiness I have to others and change my attitude on trying to strive for God’s acceptance. Instead I live in the acceptance and healing he brings to me and to others around me. When I am too hedonistic, distracted by the lust if the eyes, pride of life, and the drive of the flesh–SELFISHNESS– I hear the call of Christ, through the pages of Thomas’ Messiah, to be receive power and be healed. It motivates me to return to Christ and not go back into my life of sin. These books help me put on Christ, flee stupid lusts and evil desires and to follow him more closely and experience the abundant life more fully (John 10:10).

I want to be more like Jesus. Think more like him. Act more like him. Serve more like him. Teach more like him. To endure conflict, persecution and hardship more like him. And To be ready to experience his great smile: Well done though good and faithful servant.

These books make him real to me. The help me stay close to him.

You can get the Desire of Ages as part of apps that provide all Ellen White’s writings as phone or desktop apps. See The White Estate digital download page at https://whiteestate.org/resources/apps/ or directly download for Google app or Apple app

There is also a google app for the Desire of Ages book

We use the Messiah book in many of our SDA school K-12 bible curriculum because of its readability. The Desire of Ages is popular in our colleges and universities. These resources have been made available in many languages all over the world.

Thanks you Ellen and Jerry for keeping the Messiah’s story vividly alive and staying biblical in your presentation of his perfect divine and human life.


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